Home Staging Services

Dining / Living Room Area


Dining / Living Room Area


Hands-On Home Staging


This is "classic" professional home staging. We work primarily with what you already have in your home to maximize its appeal. Some of the techniques we use may include:


  • Repurposing your existing furniture and furnishings.


  • Making recommendations for small purchases that will enhance your home's appeal.


  • Ensuring space is used to its best advantage.


  • Identifying cosmetic repairs and upgrades.


  • Paying attention to the smallest of details.


When our work is done, your home will be ready for pictures, for an open house...and for buyers!


Fees:  Contact us  by email or call for current fee schedule


​Consultations are an effective and economical way to identify pre-sale and home staging needs. We provide the following options:


  • Walk-through Consultations (Our Most Popular Option)


  • Written Consultations


  • Consultations with Hands-On Assistance


  • Follow-up Visits: Sellers often have us back for a brief site visit before photos are taken or before an open house to ensure the consultation recommendations have been optimally carried out.


Fees: Contact us by email or call for current fee schedule




Handyman Repairs / Upgrades


The process of preparing to sell a home often includes a list of repairs or upgrades that are better addressed BEFORE listing! Our on-call handyman can help with many of your minor fixes and upgrades. And, if your list includes larger projects, we or your REALTOR can give you recommendations.  ​

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